Irrigation System Services We Offer

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At Wyoming Landscape Contractors, we work with you to customize any of the following landscape irrigation system services, along with our other offerings, to best meet your needs:

Design and Installation

Spring - System Activation:

v Turn on the system water source

v Check the main for leaks or damage

v Check each individual zone

vAdjust heads for proper operation

v Program the automatic controller

In-Season Service Calls:

v Adjust watering programs for season changes in the weather

v Inspect the system for leaks or damage

v Make adjustments to account for shrub growth, as necessary

v Make necessary repairs - with prior customer review and approval

Fall System De-Activation / Winterization:

v Close down all water sources to the irrigation system only

v Evacuate all water main lines, valves, lateral lines and heads with compressed air

v Turn off automatic controllers

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