How to Protect Your Landscape Investment

¿     Lawns are smooth, living carpets that add beauty and recreational space to your home or commercial property. The benefits of a healthy lawn go beyond the obvious. As your grass grows, it works to help your environment by stabilizing soil and reducing air pollution, noise, heat, dust and glare. It adds value to your home by offering curb-side appeal. How do you reap the rewards of a handsome lawn? It requires highly proper and regular trimming, fertilizing, irrigation management, weeding and pest control.


¿     Garden beds are an important component of your landscape. They enhance your surroundings by providing dynamic color, aroma, contrasting texture, food for songbirds and cut flowers all season long. To keep them beautiful, it's necessary to remove weeds and dead growth, add mulch and irrigate properly.


¿      Your plants, shrubs and trees make up a significant portion of the cost of your landscape. To protect your investment, routine care, such as proper pruning, nutrient supplements and protection from pests, fungus, disease and wildlife, is critical.


¿    In the fall, during the rut season, deer, elk and moose each mark their scent to attract mates. Specifically, they rub their antlers on trees and shrubs, which can cause significant damage. Then during the winter, with the scarcity of food due to snow cover, they look to munch on the tender branches and buds of your plants and trees. One way to protect your landscape from these risks is to install temporary wildlife fencing in early fall, which can be taken down easily in the spring.


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