Grounds Maintenance Services We Offer

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At Wyoming Landscape Contractors, we work with you to customize any of our grounds maintenance services, along with our other full-service offerings, to best meet your needs. We help to maintain many areas, including gardening, tree health care, turf management, weed control and Spring and Fall clean-ups.

Below are some examples that fall within each of these categories.If there is a service youwant and don't see it listed, simply ask. With over 40 years of industry experience and our professional staff, we can accomodate almost all requests.

To customize a grounds maintenance packageand fora free estimate, call us at 307-733-3961 or e-mail us at

List of Grounds Maintenance ServicesWe Offer...


v Annuals

v Broadleaf Weed Control

v Fertilization- Granular, Liquid, Organic

v Flower Bed Maintenance

v Hand Weeding

v Irrigation Management

v Mulching

v Perennial Trimming

v Shrub Pruning

Tree Health Care:

v Deep Root Fertilization

v Injections

v Irrigation Management

v Tree Protection from Insects and Disease

v Tree Pruning

v Tree Spraying

v Wildlife Fencing

v Winterization

Turf Management:

v Aeration

v Broadleaf Weed Control

v Fertilization - Granular, Liquid, Organic

v Irrigation Management

v Mowing

v Noxious Weed Control

v Pre-emergents

v Power Raking

v Seeding

v Trimming

Spring Clean-up:

v Fertilization

v Irrigation System Start-Ups

v Lawn Aeration

v Power Raking

v Removal of Landscape Waste

v Removal of Wildlife Fencing

v Shrub Pruning and Hand Weeding

Fall Clean-up:

v Fall Fertilization

v Installation of Wildlife Fencing

v Irrigation System Winterization

v Landscape Waste Removal

v Lawn Aeration

v Leaf Collection

v Overseeing

v Perennial Winterization

v Power Raking

v Shrub Pruning and Hand Weeding

For more information or to receive a free estimate, call us at 307-733-3961 or e-mail us at